German Kassensicherheitsverordnung 2020

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We have sent you the document on 13.12.2019 as a PDF file using your standard e-mail address. If you have not received a message, please contact your Hypersoft contact person / vendor. (If not yet done, please enter your mail address in for future mailings).

Current limit 31.03.2020 with TSE activation:

  • The TSE compatible update cannot make training bookings in Germany with TSE set up.
  • The use of batch jobs to adjust the "Win.ini" is a hack and is not compatible with TSE use. Solve the requirement with the virtual checkout functions (which will be extended shortly). The previous use remains retroactively GoBD compliant, but cannot be used with the TSE.
  • Ward numbers are intended for one-time set-up. In rare cases, customers change station numbers. This is not TSE compliant. Resolve the request with the virtual checkout functions. The previous use remains retroactively GoBD compliant, but cannot be used with the TSE.
  • The cash register function Apply Level Net Price must not be used with the TSE. If you have used this in Germany, remove this function from the POS system.
  • Also no interventions are possible in the booking journal with TSE, this would lead to errors. If you still need functions to correct the payment methods or similar handling errors, please ask the support. Write a note for your procedure description or bookkeeping if someone has caused you to make false entries.
  • No completed support for the Comestero vending system yet.

The announced hardware and database requirements have not yet been met, but will be met by automatic updates until the introduction of TSE. This service pack already requires more computing power for signing and invoice printing. Dot matrix printers (guest check printers) are therefore incompatible.

Hypersoft updates as of 31 March 2020

The TSE sticks were delivered to the majority of those who ordered them. With the service pack 10 from 02.04.2020 you can set up and activate the TSE sticks. The invoice printout is supplemented with the corresponding elements.

Contact Hypersoft Support or your dealer to activate the TSE sticks.

Official documents on TSE


New information from 29.11.2019

Search for the document: Orientation aid for the application of § 146a AO and KassenSichV


Non-objection regulation (publication 06.011.2019) until 30.09.2020:

Search for the document: Non-objection regulation for the use of electronic recording systems within the meaning of § 146a AO without certified technical safety equipment after 31 December 2019


Search for the document: Introduction of § 146a AO by the law for the protection against manipulations at digital basic recordings of 22. December 2016; Application decree for § 146a AO


Search for the document:

Aktualisierungen und Ergänzungen von Hypersoft zum 26. February 2020

The first orderers among you will receive the TSE sticks in the coming weeks.

More information about the TSE Sticks KassenSichV TSE safety device and how to attach them TSE installation.

Provided that the signing can be completed as planned with the hotfix for April 2020, nothing stands in the way of commissioning in our view. Hypersoft offers you support for the installation, subsequent activation and possibly also the reporting obligation (as soon as the reporting procedure has been determined, you will receive further information on this). Services for long-term archiving, digital invoice directory and new export format will follow between the beginning of April and the end of September. See also Step by step compliant with the Cash Protection Ordinance 2020.


Updates and additions from Hypersoft for the 14. December 2019

Further documentation:

KassenSichV TSE safety device

KassenSichV Reporting obligation

KassenSichV Export according to DSFinV-K

KassenSichV Bill obligation

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Hypersoft Updates and Supplements to 03. December 2019

Under the synonym "Bonpflicht" (obligation to provide receipts), the burden on companies due to the obligation to provide receipts is currently being discussed. Even though many of our customers have always used a receipt (invoice) in the standard, the TSE text and QR code makes this receipt longer. In the first quarter we will integrate a solution that will optimally support you in issuing digital documents and are also working on a solution for guest checks with QR Code. Currently, TSE Ready should appear on your receipts. See also KassenSichV Bill obligation. Even if you now receive the TSE and we integrate it into the system, no longer documents (even compulsive ones) will be issued. The document changeover takes place at a later date.

We have worked on three different TSE solutions. The last favoured by Swissbit received a certificate status in December 2019, which makes these 5 years usable. The delivery starts congruent to the monthly quotas we receive and should be completed in JULY 2020. Please take advantage of our offer for a planned and timely changeover (under no circumstances can you expect us to have spontaneous appointments in September, currently the last possible date).

In addition to our legal and technical concerns about outdated operating systems (such as Windows XP), only from a legal point of view will the certificate apparently be valid only if the operating system still receives support from Microsoft. If this assumption is correct, the cash register could be questioned simply because of an outdated operating system. We already had the 23rd. August (see below) announced the need for a current operating system as a prerequisite for our update.

Hypersoft Updates and Supplements to 03. December 2019

We can now conclusively assess and technically implement the overall concept based on the current legal situation and the availability of the technical security facilities, even if changes are still possible. The TSE will be delivered in the form of local (USB) small devices from Hypersoft from the beginning of 2020 after consultation with you and optionally supported by additional cloud services for e.g. the reporting procedure and a TSE long-term archive. The originally estimated costs will in all likelihood be undercut. We are currently preparing a letter with all the information you need to coordinate with us, which will be sent to you by e-mail around mid-December 2019 (as well as the invoices for software maintenance). Please wait for this or further updates at this point. We would like to thank all our customers and specialist dealers for their trust and good cooperation in this matter as well.

Hypersoft Updates and Supplements as of 06. November 2019

A non-objection rule was published with a deadline of 30 September 2020. However, the implementation of the KassenSichV should continue to take place immediately and immediately on 01.01.2020, even if no date has yet been announced from which the devices can be reported. There are also changes and delays (and not a single finished system) on the part of TSE suppliers. We are using the situation for an advantageous TSE solution and will publish further information here.

Hypersoft Updates and Supplements as of October 15, 2019

The developments for the interface of technical safety devices (TSE) are proceeding according to plan, although not all questions regarding the long-term archiving and reporting of your recording systems to the responsible tax offices have yet been clarified due to a lack of information from our partner companies.

Hypersoft prepares to make the necessary settings for you, make purchases and settle accounts, and provide you with the best possible support in reporting. In addition, we are working on a concept that requires a maximum of one additional partner / supplier for the areas of TSE hardware, signature unit and long-term archive.

We must continue to assume that the date of 1 January 2020 has been set, even though not every detail has yet been clarified. The non-objection regulation in force since the beginning of the publication of the KassenSichV 2020 has meanwhile been taken up by the press and others, and new reports imply an "alleged extension of the deadline until September 2020". This has not yet been confirmed and we are committed to publishing the system when it is ready. We would like to point out that PC cash registers (also tablets and mobile devices) do not have a transitional regulation after 1.1.2020, but only some of the cash registers obsolete among our customers.

On the basis of further available and for all equally important information, each cash register of the so-called recording system must be signed and reported to the tax office. This also applies to mobile devices, so that they can no longer simply be brought "from home" (which we do not practice anyway). Unfortunately, this also means for you that each mobile device (like a cash register) causes costs which, to our knowledge, must be settled per cash register and mobile device (and also per connected eCommerce device/channel, or MCP/office cash register) still this year for at least 3 years. For example, with one cash register and two mobile devices, a total of three devices multiplied by 3 years (incl. notifications, registrations and long-term archive) could generate costs of more than €1,000. Please be prepared in time, we will soon be coming to you with details about other ways of communication.

Certainly every cash register has to be reported and then exactly this number has to be in operation, not less (where is it possibly in use?) and of course not more. The well-known Hypersoft RMA / exchange procedure will be further optimized in this respect and we are working on a solution for any third-party equipment (Hypersoft was not the supplier), which a few of you will use as the basis for the Hypersoft cash register. A cash register that you want to use a few days a year at a city festival, for example, must be deregistered from the company and registered for the city festival.

An important point will also be the "ad hoc audit" (cash register check or cash register collapse) in companies, which, by the way, are occasionally carried out more stringently and have already led to closures among customers of market companions in the recent past. In the future, it will also be possible to counter the rejection of data access during ongoing operations with the threat of closure. You will receive more detailed information on this, which you can use to check your processes and, if necessary, sharpen your understanding of the law.

We assume that you are all well equipped without any remaining misunderstandings and that you will benefit considerably more from the planned and accompanying competitive equation than the costs will burden you with. Together with us, you can therefore continue the digitisation of your companies even more successfully in the future.

Hypersoft Updates and Supplements as of September 13, 2019

The elaboration and planning of the development tasks has been completed. We have started the development of a TSE interface and the accompanying program adjustments with a view to the date 01.01.2020.

The task is extensive, because about 80% of the development tasks are related to the actual /TSEClosed Technical safety device for cash register systems. The TSE consists of two components: SMA (Secure Module Application) and CSP (Crypto Service Provider). In other words, an "additional software" and a hardware / stick that can also act as a service in the cloud. Hypersoft communicates with these two components. interface and signing. There will be different possibilities for you to use the security device and we will select the optimal solution for each "ENTERPRISE Support Customer" according to your needs and we will approach you with the possibilities and a corresponding proposal and the costs. Of course, all customers will receive the relevant information from us or their Hypersoft reseller.

The upcoming Servicepack 7 is the basis for the KassenSichV 2020. All innovations and functions, which we will publish by the end of the year in the course of the KassenSichV and TSE, are based on this SP 7. An update to SP 7 is therefore indispensable for you as a customer in Germany. The release of SP 7 is scheduled for about October 15, 2019. While this update does not require all of the database, hardware, and operating system customizations listed below, you will need to be prepared by the end of the year for them to "suddenly" become compliant. Please already use the possibilities of the preparations described on this page.

The new document requirement provides for the optional output of a high-resolution QR code on the invoices. The auditors should then read this information via an app and be able to verify the proper use of the TSE in your company on an ad hoc basis. We aim to support this code on invoices and already point out that e.g. Guest Check printers/ Dot matrix printers are not suitable for printing high-resolution QR codes at the POS. We develop adequate alternatives for guest cheques and offer them shortly. We assume compatibility with current Hypersoft thermal printers and will verify this in due time. We have been informed as follows: "If you do not issue QR Codes, the inspector may request a spontaneous export and a possible business interruption may result".

If you havemobile devices in use, then check the use of other invoice printers either stationary or as mobile belt printers. If you have any questions, please contact us or your Hypersoft dealer.

Additional payment systems and hotelconnections : Hypersoft has interfaces to all common hotel programs in Germany. Since the POS system is signed and payment takes place in the hotel system, it would also be necessary to sign the payment information in the hotel system (the hotel system itself usually also has to sign). Since there is currently no return channel from hotel systems to the POS system for this purpose, you must use a Hypersoft POS system with Full-Service function for cancellations, cash payments, split bookings and transfers at the PMS Check Out. You should make the extensions please immediately. Please also bear in mind that you should connect your EC devices to the POS system in good time in order to rule out manual incorrect bookings. You will receive precise workflow instructions from us for all programs affected by the KassenSichV 20202.

Old Hypersoft programs such as Kansys Invoice and Cashbook Cashflow have long been replaced by updates. They will no longer be available after 01.01.2020.


Comments from Hypersoft 23. August 2019

Kassenverordnung 2020 - Consequences and Preparations

It is also clear that the certification of a technical safety device (TSE) for the operation of POS systems in Germany and the subsequent integration of POS manufacturers will continue to be under time pressure as of 1 January 2020. We are preparing everything for a successful changeover by 01.01.2020 at the latest for the benefit of all parties involved. Since Hypersoft is a cross-national standard solution, the updates required to operate a TSE affect the entire Hypersoft user base, including customers in Switzerland, Austria, the UK and the locations of the international projects, even if they do not need to operate an additional TSE, or customers from Austria have already been using it successfully for some time.

The integration of the signing programs goes deep into the program structure. We would like to illustrate this using the following example: In future, processes must trigger a signing process as soon as an item is entered for the first time. Subsequent postings, changes and the creation of an invoice must also be signed using TSE before they can be printed or otherwise output. The additional signing data must also be stored parallel to the booking data so that it can be compared in the case of an audit. In order to avoid delays in the workflow, the algorithms of the programs must be adapted and partly renewed.

The programs thus become more complex and the hardware requirements increase. We have taken this into account in the devices that we have offered in recent years and that are still in "lifetime". Even if you have recently purchased Hypersoft and installed all the latest updates, please check the following points and make appointments with us immediately if necessary:

  1. Obsolete hardware cannot be considered any further. Cash terminals have a lifetime of 4 to 6 years. If this is exceeded and the CPU, memory and other components are no longer up to date, they must be updated. You can find an overview of your hardware status in our device management at (If outdated devices still function perfectly and quickly, you can decide for yourself here whether you would like to purchase new devices with the conversion to the KassenSichV 2020).

  2. Windows XP based devices are no longer supported.

    If your devices use this operating system and are demonstrably obsolete, you should update the operating system and the devices immediately. Please contact your contact person from our sales team for offers. We strongly recommend that you obtain them from your reseller or Hypersoft representative for inclusion in our device management list. (This does not replace, but does support, a statutory location report from 2020 and location administration.)

  3. Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft from the beginning of 2020. Hypersoft POS terminals can be connected to the Internet via server or as main device defined POS terminals. At least the devices that are directly connected to the Internet should be upgraded to Windows 10. Many "older" POS terminals work with a variant of Windows 7 called "POSReady 7". This will continue to be supported by Microsoft until 12.10.2021. (Decide for yourself whether you would like to update to Windows 10 with the conversion to the KassenSichV 2020.)

    If you are using "POSReady 7" devices from Hypersoft that are still under warranty or extended warranty, you can contact us about the cost of the Windows 10 license. This offer is valid for POSReady 7 devices until 12.10.2021.

    The .Net Framework 4.5 is required for the operation of Hypersoft from 01.01.2020 at the latest. This framework may need to be installed on POSReady 7 devices (the current Windows 10 version already includes this or a higher version like 4.7).

  4. Actian Pervasive SQL Version 8 (all 8.x variants) will no longer be supported by us after 2020 and will not be further tested in conjunction with Windows 10. All higher versions can be kept (currently we use the very high performance version 13). We strongly recommend that you check your version and, if necessary (in the case of version 8), order new databases from your reseller or Hypersoft sales representative. In general, a version 13 is much more powerful than e.g. a version 10.

    Exceptions: If you have worked with version 8 several years ago and have extended or partially renewed your system in the meantime, we have already supplied you with the current version of the database, but have only updated an existing version 8 to a higher version on request. In these cases, you may have version 8 installed, although you already have higher versions. If you have purchased new devices in the meantime, it is worth looking at your licenses, which we can also execute for you in our archives on request.

  5. Automatic updates must be activated and possible. We must assume that at the turn of the year 2019/2020 and subsequently urgent Hypersoft updates will have to be made available to customers in other countries as part of the KassenSichV, but also for other reasons. We must also assume that the updates provided by us will also be accepted by you and will be used and installed by you at short notice. Our responsibility to the KassenSichV ends with the ready offer of an update and yours begins.

    Please understand that we are not in a position to issue you with variants of, in the broad sense, "apologies" for unused updates and their consequences. Please bear in mind that the new Kassensicherheitsverordnung also contains penalties in the legal sense.

    The safest way for you is the automatic installation of updates (which most of our customers have also set) and a check whether the update has reached you. This is a prerequisite for the upcoming Hypersoft update, which is scheduled for early November 2019. Only customers with ENTERPRISE support level will be notified "pro active" to make the appropriate settings.

  6. The signing programs also have their own requirements that have to be fulfilled. Since no solution has yet been completely completed by the providers, further requirements may arise (such as the installation of a Java runtime environment). In the future we will also inform you about this on this page.

  7. An adaptation of the trading area clearing, the USB stick data synchronisation and the emergency operation is planned. We will announce further details on this page at a later date. If you have the choice, establish a stable LAN / WLAN interface to all devices in the future. Please also note that your multi-user POS systems should always be correctly connected via LAN, as every failure must be logged. In the future, all the technical prerequisites will be in place to operate a network largely error-free.

Please note the information and procedures listed here, otherwise you may incur additional costs due to Hypersoft. Since we have to assume that we will be working to full capacity for the introduction of the Kassensicherheitsverordnung and the turn of the year, we would ask you to clarify these issues at short notice, so that there will be "emergency operations" with costs due to deadline bottlenecks.

Statement by Hypersoft, early August 2019:

According to current reports that the introduction of the Kassensicherheitsverordnung (KassenSichV 2020) will be postponed until 30 September 2020, have not yet been confirmed and remain speculation.

The use or retrofitting of a technical safety device (TSE) by 01.01.2020 remains binding.

Currently (as of 31.07.2019) there is no BSI-certified solution on the market, although we know of 7 providers that are in active certification processes and are expected to receive provisional certification in December 2019.

Hypersoft has already requested some test samples and is actively working on their implementation so that we can offer you the right solution in time.

We can only answer the frequent enquiries about the expected costs with reservations, as the manufacturers of technical safety equipment have not yet finalised the prices.

Currently we assume that companies have to reckon with approx. 120,000 invoices/year, with approx. 500 Euro/year.

As soon as we have further information, we will get back to you at this point.


Statement by Hypersoft, July 2019:

The attached document "Einführung des § 146a AO durch das Gesetz zum Schutz vor Manipulationen an digitalen Grundaufzeichnungen vom 22. December 2016; Application Decree on § 146a AO" is comprehensive and refers to other documents and procedures already available to us. Essentially, there must be a security device certified by the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) which prevents manipulation of hardware and software. We are currently reviewing the possibilities of our own certified TSE (Technical Safety Equipment) and have provided extensive resources (personnel, time and budget) for development to meet the requirements for the planned target date. You will receive further information immediately at this point.

In addition, we would like to inform you that we deeply support the orientation of the laws and measures to be taken and that our efforts to ensure safe and professional cash and company management are confirmed here. For you, our customers, this is a further important step towards fair competition, professionalisation and thus more success for you.

In addition to the extensive and complex requirements for the development and certification of these solutions, the law has a significant impact on the use of POS systems by you and your employees in day-to-day operations. Here we find dozens of points that we have pursued in the past months and years of program development and orientation of our target group. You will already know many of them and will probably apply them unconsciously. We suspect that most competitors have yet to develop these points and integrate them into their programs and operations.

At this point, we would like to list a few indispensable points for your own countercheck and as an urgent hint to implement any functions and processes that have not yet been implemented in your company, so that together we only have to carry out a small update to complete our security solution in the best case scenario.

Point 1.8.1

Business transactions are all legal and economic transactions that document, influence or change the profit or loss or the asset composition of an enterprise within a certain period of time (e.g. lead to a change in fixed and current assets as well as equity and debt capital; cf. also paragraph 16 of the BMF letter of 14.11.2014, BStBl I p. 1450).

(Note from Hypersoft: This also applies to free deliveries of goods like all losses, see: Cancellation and loss management)

Point 1.8.2.

Posting of: incoming and outgoing turnover, subsequent cancellation of a turnover, tip (entrepreneur, employee), voucher (issue, redemption), private withdrawal, private deposit, change deposit, wage payment from the cash register, cash transit.

(Note from Hypersoft: We are currently working on advanced change functions)


In this context, please remember that connected card devices (EC, KK) can prevent incorrect entries, such as those that occur with manual cashless bookings.

As a preparatory measure, we recommend that you install our current version (2018-SP6 or higher) as soon as possible in order to be able to implement many of the functions required by the BSI.


Hypersoft Statement May 2019

There are currently no conclusively assessed requirements or actually available technical safety devices (TSE), or information on how these are to be technically addressed or through which institute they should be obtained. We have already reserved generous development resources and capital for 2019 to respond to news and facts as quickly as possible. As soon as this is indicated, we start planning and implementing the requirements. The aim here is to supply all Hypersoft customers with the required solutions promptly.

We would like to point out that technical support of a TSE alone does not mean conformity with the legislation. Since Hypersoft and its customers attach the highest possible importance to fiscal compliance, we have successfully completed and delivered identified side tasks such as the conversion of the cancellation system. Other techniques and changes to the database model are still in the development stage.

We currently provide that, in addition to possible costs for the hardware of the technical security devices (TSE), the update of the Hypersoft Suite within the scope of the software maintenance contracts is carried out by simple update and you will not incur any further costs.

Further documentation:

KassenSichV TSE safety device

KassenSichV Reporting obligation

KassenSichV Export according to DSFinV-K

KassenSichV Bill obligation

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