Fiscal law in Germany

In Germany, the requirements for cash register systems are specified by the Federal Ministry of Finance. For this there are the principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access (GoBD). In addition, the Kassensicherheitsverordnung will come into force in 2020.


For conventional export of cash register data until 31.12.2019: Journal and Export also AmadeusVerify

For the 2024 update by the application decree, we have compiled extensive information here: Fiscal Law on the Application Decree on Section 146a AO


Information on the Cash Safety Regulation 2020 for the reconstruction of the then gradual commissioning and communication: Statement on the Cash Safety Regulation and TSE 2020

Step by step compliant with the Cash Protection Ordinance 2020

Prio Cash Security Ordinance-Topic Availability
1 Compatible cash register system yes: Hypersoft SP 7
2 a GoBD conformity GoBD is the responsibility of your company. Hypersoft supports through techniques and best practice. Examples Hypersoft Suite, Cancellation and loss management and Hypersoft POS Cash Handling
2 b Procedural documentation see official GoBD information
2 c Cash register inspection compatibility see official GoBD information
3 a TSE Integration - Connect TSE with POS system TSE installation
3 b TSE Integration - TSE signed on documents Possible since SP 10 from April 2020
3 c Set up and test the invoice forms with TSE information Possible since SP 10 from April 2020
3 d Optionally activate NoCOO - Digital Billing

Our Best Practice Tip!

3 e TSE Integration - and Export of TSE TAR files KassenSichV Export according to DSFinV-K
3 f TSE Obligation to report Postponed by the legislator
3 g Solution with Wallet-Control

Activate the optional TSE Online Archive

Our Best Practice Tip!

5 Journal export in DSFinV-K format KassenSichV Export according to DSFinV-K
6 a Integrate eCommerce and partner connection TSE with eCommerce and 3rd Party Integrations


Open points summarised:


  Support of the DATEV archiving system (Implementation not yet binding)
  Support of the electronic reporting system can only be evaluated once the technology has been established by the legislator.  
  Compatibility with Amadeus Verify. You can find all information on this in the HS-SSP document in the download area of your Hypersoft portal. From August 2022 HF 8 for SP 14

Important, especially regarding the GoBD

The regulations on the GoBD remain in place and are supplemented by the Cash Security Ordinance.

The Cash Register Security Ordinance has an intensified effect on compliance with the GoBD regulations through its regulations on cash register inspections (example: in order to be eligible for a cash register audit, it must be possible to traceably separate change and tips from turnover).

Essentially, it must be ensured that the accounting data is stored completely and unchangeably. Note the wording, as this must ensure that the system is able to save posting data completely and unchangeably. Conversely, if you cannot credibly demonstrate that the system is able to do this, the booking data can be discarded even if it has not been manipulated.

Record and read about Book a tip(tax-free) tips.

Book invitations and other unsold goods as losses and read about this Cancellation and loss management.

For handling change, use Wallet-Control.

Use one of the voucher systems and never use a solution "next to the cash register". See for example the solution Web-Vouchersor (for small single farms) The voucher (offline) management. The relevant details for the current program version are described in the current HS-SSP document. As a user with appropriate permissions, you can download this document from the MyHypersoft portal or have it sent to you by our support.

Cross-border use

Hypersoft supports both German and Austrian tax requirements. With Hypersoft's technical solution, you can couple both systems for cross-border companies so that each cash register signs according to both German and Austrian tax law. For this purpose, two QR codes per receipt are generated and issued if required. The control takes place via the country-specific tax rates. As the currency in both cases is the euro, we do not believe that an extensive changeover of the cash register system is necessary when crossing the border. Discuss the set-up of the POS system for this case with Hypersoft and have the tax conformity confirmed accordingly by both countries.

No instruction or legal advice

As with all tax and legal issues, the following texts do not constitute tax or legal advice (also because we are not authorised to do so). Please review our statements and coordinate your course of action with your tax advisors and, if necessary, other professionals who are available to you. Add to or change our recommendations as necessary from your point of view. Furthermore, we recommend that you record these results in your procedure description.

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