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Web vouchers help you easily build new customer relationships. Here you can connect any number of locations and load and unload values per location. The system creates an easily comprehensible and thus mutually agreeable settlement between all participating locations, even with different owners. You can preproduce valid voucher cards and load them ad hoc with credit. Both charging and redemption are stored in the hypersoft system and evaluated in its reports in an easily comprehensible manner. Due to the closed loop, you also have a very high-quality fraud protection with web vouchers.


Please note that there is still an offline voucher system in the Hypersoft Suites for individual locations only: Details here...

You cannot use different currencies within a web voucher system. Find out about the legal framework for the use of cash or voucher systems in the respective countries in which you want to use them.

Web-Vouchers functions

Functions and Links


Number of participating locations "unlimited"
Settlement of locations yes
Evaluation across sites yes
Bonus system can be combined yes
Download your own QR codes (for your own campaigns) yes
Invitation cards (can be combined with vouchers and discounts) yes
Validity date (expiry date) yes
Unlimited credit account at your disposal yes
Integration on your homepage (call up credit for participants) yes
Connect customers with web vouchers yes
Customers Apply discounts or price levels m.E.
Discount cards (can be combined with vouchers and invitations) yes
Can be used across locations, both charging and paying yes
Automatic billing across locations yes
POS direct sales yes
POS, mPOS direct cashing yes

POS sales, reports, controlling and accounting export possible

Discounts (also apply in the webshop) yes
Security through closed loop system and registration check yes
Multi-purpose tax voucher yes
Single-purpose tax voucher (not supported, alternatives possible)


Webshop supports selling and redeeming yes
YourAPP compatible yes

Best Practice Directory on Web Vouchers

Best practice Type Best Practice Theme
strategy Best practice for the voucher strategy
control Best Practice: Security through Closed Loop Web Voucher
evaluations Best practice on vouchers with turnover distribution and on the service date

Multi-purpose and single-purpose vouchers from a fiscal perspective

For this extensive and important topic please see: Web-Vouchers

Licensing and limitation of the web vouchers

Please see the Web voucher licences for locations or head office section for more information

Limitation of the web vouchers...

Our web voucher system is designed to sell, redeem and add value to vouchers. It is not designed to provide an internal cashless payment system, as Hypersoft Card Management does, for example.

The average use of the web voucher system should therefore not be less than 10 seconds per location, which means that you should not make more than 6 X 60 = 360 voucher bookings with it within one hour. If you have a need that goes beyond this, we will be happy to advise you with a usage concept of our card management.

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