Journal and Export also AmadeusVerify

With Export Cash Journal you can create a generally readable file of the POS system's booking journal.

In a location system, booking data can be transferred to the central system or to the clearing server using Hypersoft Webclearing or Point of Sale Clearing. For audits, the export should always be done at the source (at the location of origin), this would be the server or the main cash register as a common data drive for all cash registers (or one cash register).

The GoBD export can journal exportalso be automated with this.

Points of sale Clearing GoBD Export

Systems that work with Hypersoft Point of Sale Clearing also transport to the main POS or the POS server, but the point of origin here is the individual POS terminal. Exports should therefore be carried out in conjunction with the trading area clearing per cash terminal and at the cash terminal.

Audicon certified

The Hypersoft GoBD /GDPdU Export has been successfully tested and certified by Audicon. The company Audicon ( supplies the analysis software for auditors. Since Audicon only checks the readability of the data and makes no statements as to whether the POS system conforms to GoBD/GDPdU, Hypersoft provides the HS-SSP document for further security, which you can download from the portal.

Export too slow?

Under certain circumstances, a virus scanner can significantly slow down the export. Then this is not a matter of minutes, but of hours. If you are affected by this situation with your virus scanner, you can consider switching off the real-time protection temporarily. Of course you have to take measures so that your system is not insecure / vulnerable and could be damaged.

Statement on mobile devices for tax audits

As can be learned from the media, mobile cash register connections are designed by some market players in such a way that bookings are not secured. Based on further discussions with tax auditors, it is safe to say that this is a general problem of many mobile solutions from many market competitors. An auditor must ensure that the data is complete so that he can safely exclude the current or past presence of such devices in the case of competitors with such unwanted technical capabilities. This is practically impossible.

That's why we insure:

The Hypersoft mobile solutions mPOS Handheld, mPOS Tablet, CLOU MOBILE for Windows and CLOU MOBILE for Orderman are designed so that bookings cannot be closed if there is no interface to a main system. In the main system, these postings are saved as described in detail elsewhere. Even if an operation is completed and the total is displayed, no termination can be used and the postings have already been made. Neither owners nor employees can use Hypersoft mobile devices to view closing totals that have not been posted. (Note: In addition, even small totals from lists can be switched off.)

The postings are transferred to the POS system and processed there before order receipts or invoices can be created. The invoice numbers are provided by the Hypersoft POS system individually for each request and transaction. Thus, the security devices of the Hypersoft POS system are congruent with these mobile solutions of Hypersoft.

In detail, the systems can mark a maximum of further postings without a interface and wait for the interface to the POS for processing. The actual processing takes place at the POS, which is a service for testability and traceability.

Hypersoft Security Feature Trace

You can trace and check the origin and progress of individual postings.

The security feature Fraud Protection with Hypersoft Trace is described in a separate chapter. Look at this:

Hypersoft Security Feature Reopen Cancellation

The Hypersoft Security Feature Monitor reversal after completion monitors cancellations from previously completed transactions and flags them to differentiate them from cancellations that were not yet bookings on an invoice.

Further documentation:

DSFinV_K, GDPdU, AmadeusVerify export

Export Journal for Statistics

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