Hypersoft Suite

Hypersoft Suite

The security of your business and your investment in Hypersoft for now and your future is our top priority.

The optimal added value from our cooperation with you can be achieved significantly with the correct handling of the digitization of all your business processes and the security of the POS system. Topics such as fiscal correctness, fraud protection and technical security systems play hand and hand here.

Security of your booking data

The main purpose of the Hypersoft Suite is to create, organize and evaluate accounting data from POS systems. As a result, the control of your income and the proof of the taxable turnover are an essential function. In these areas there are essential requirements for the cash register system.

Hypersoft has created the HS-SSP (Hypersoft Security and Auditability Service) for this purpose. This essentially consists of information in a separate HS-SSP document that is available to you as a Hypersoft system owner via the Hypersoft portal and on request.

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