Fiscal Law on the Application Decree on Section 146a AO

The application decree on § 146a AO with the new version as of 01.01.2024 is taken into account in this chapter and the subordinate topics and functions.

The Hypersoft system generates data and stores it in databases. Depending on the country in which the Hypersoft system is located, further fictional systems can be added. The following describes the processing, storage and output of the information.

General purpose, data processing and storage

The internal processes are always the same, regardless of the country or the fiscal system. Only the input and output of the optional fiscal systems differs by their specification. Since the German fiscal system goes furthest, at least through the GDPdU (and TSE specifications), and the Hypersoft procedures support this extensively, the procedures are also used in places of operation in other countries, even if the fiscal regulations are usually lower there. This has the advantage for operators that fraud can also be better avoided, but there is also the possibility of being able to access particularly secure information if necessary.

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