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Hypersoft NoCOO - The digital invoice directory

NoCOO means "no" CO² and stands for resource conservation with digital invoice receipts. In contrast to the increasingly long payment vouchers, with NoCOO you also fulfil the voucher issue obligation in Germany.


The idea is simple: instead of long receipts, create the NoCOO short receipt, which can be easily integrated into your workflow. Your employee simply gives the customer the NoCOO short receipt instead of the long invoice. There are options for the customer to receive the comprehensive online bill and the online customer receipt (for cashless payments). As a /merchant, you receive the online merchant receipt as proof of cashless payment together with the online invoice in your Hypersoft portal. Adapt this example to your brand and marketing message:

However, this is where the real achievement of NoCOO begins. Not only do you get the chance to save significant amounts of paper, you also get powerful tools for customer loyalty and to facilitate your operational organisation.

  • In general, the digital bill is positively received by customers. It is considered progressive and, last but not least, absolutely "tax honest".

  • Advertising and communication opportunities through video and image content are easily and attractively accessible to you. Consider how much unsightly advertising is successfully used on Thermobon receipts everywhere. With NoCOO, you can make it perfectly your style.

  • Using the NoCOO system in accordance with your corporate identity makes it possible to successfully implement your ideas and business goals.

  • It is unpleasant for business people, especially those who need invoices, if they still have to comment on "supposedly private pleasures" or even have to bear the costs privately because of defects in the entertainment receipt. Handing out the NoCOO receipt with the option to fill in the billing address yourself is an unbeatably smart way of making work easier here.

  • Digitisation of cashless customer and merchant receipts, as these no longer need to be printed out. At the same time, they are settled and stored in your digital NoCOO archive.

  • Digital invoice view in the portal, also in the hotel check-out no longer need a cash register to view invoices from the restaurant.

The future of payment transactions also lies in digital payment

NoCOO supports payment directly with your own mobile phone:

  • Reduction of effort compared to the use of payment terminals.

  • Faster availability for "guests in a hurry".

  • Increase tipping also digital processes.

  • NoCOO vouchers also help to reduce costs here.

  • It is also a hygienic solution.

Notes on the usefulness of the short receipt with NoCOO...

A "digitisation of the vouchers" that still produces a short voucher sounds contradictory at first. However, handing out the shortest possible receipt is effective communication.

  • Of course, you can also display the code on the payment terminal or the customer monitor for photographing at any time.

  • Issuing a receipt is an important step in the sales process that gives the customer a feeling of security and clears the point of sale for the next transaction.

  • Given the high proportion of cashless payments, you would otherwise usually have to produce and hand over another printed receipt from the card device.

  • A small receipt is also an effective control tool for you, especially with regard to fraud and control.

  • At the customer's request, the system can create a "long original invoice" in a flash.

NoCOO functions

NoCOO functions and links  
Apple Pay yes
Number of possible online calculations unlimited

Cashless payments and partial payments with Hypersoft Pay@Table


Tax office compliant (also D/ TSE, AU/ RKSV)


Customers can independently add addresses to the invoice (instructions for changing addresses...)


Customers can pay bills themselves with a smartphone

Customers tip also supported retrospectively yes
Customer monitor shows the NoCOO code yes
Country support for the .ch .de .uk (also currencies) yes
Marketing CI - Slider and External Links yes
Marketing CI - Your colours yes
Marketing CI - Your logo yes
Marketing CI - Landingpage can be enhanced with own graphics yes
Marketing Template catalogue for landing page (free image and video licences for you) yes
mPOS Bluetooth printer compatible yes
mPOS Online payments yes
mPOS Quick Processing I by Scan Convert Short Receipt to Invoice yes
mPOS Quick Edit II change payment type by scan yes
mPOS Live tip tracking yes
Multi-payment supported yes
NoCOO short document yes
NoCOO with on account yes
Emergency operation compatible yes
PIN protection can be switched off yes
POS Online payment (cash register function and multi-payment) yes
POS Quick Processing Invoice Reprint (One-Touch) yes
POS Quick Processing Invoice Reprint (Scan) yes
POS Live tip tracking yes
Add QR code individually yes
Invoice directory: Online invoice yes
Invoice directory: Online customer vouchers (cashless payment voucher) yes
Invoice Directory: Online Merchant Receipts (Cashless Payment Receipt) yes
Site support individually or according to template yes
Statistics of your campaigns yes
System groups are supported yes
Payment methods supported at will yes
Payment vouchers at the POS can be subsequently changed with all existing POS functions yes
3rd Party API yes

For Administrators

Things to consider for NoCOO onboarding in key words:

  • Briefing for customers

  • Set up Mastertoken

  • Logo contact details

  • Colour scheme

  • Landing page Advertising page Invoice page / Text

  • Legal texts Note

  • Payment: Hypersoft Pay powered by Adyen

  • Framework 4.8 (see below)

  • Select document type in the cash register form

  • Adapt invoice layout in the checkout form

NoCOO requires a stable internet connection.

Licensing for NoCOO

With NoCOO, we are introducing a new self-licensing procedure. You can enter the NoCOO area in the portal without licences. There you can add or remove the NoCOO licences under / My Business / NoCOO / System Groups per Location. You can read all the details about the licence and subsequent costs under NoCOO Digital Billing Licences .

For 3rd parties

You can integrate the NoCOO data into your app via API. Please contact our if you are interested. Information in advance, Introduction: 3rd Party Customers, Reservation, Tickets API and Technical NoCOO Digital Invoices API

Further documentation:

NoCOO Digital Billing from a Fiscal Perspective

Things to note about NoCOO

NoCOO Onboarding in the Portal

NoCOO Onboarding at the POS

NoCOO workflow at the POS

NoCOO workflow on the mPOS

NoCOO work flow at the POS

NoCOO Workflow in the webshop

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