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Hypersoft vs skills shortage, digitise now simply and positively:

  1. The new In-House Ordering with group orders is automatically available to all webshop customers. Hypersoft thus offers you a unique in-house ordering system that can be used compatibly and profitably in all full-service restaurants.

  2. Never before has it been possible to make work so much easier and at the same time significantly increase turnover with a single tool as with the Hypersoft Pay payment terminal with integrated mPOS.

  3. The optimised Self Order Kiosk (SOT) is a successful product from Hypersoft and is already being used successfully everywhere to increase sales and relieve staff. Use the SOT to support your staff in quick service and to-go orders.

  4. The Kitchen Monitor facilitates and improves the work in your production and helps you to train your employees faster and to be more successful.

And it's all compatible with the new mPOS system, which runs directly on cashless payment terminals, on Android and Apple phones and tablets, and which you can even pair with our mobile printers (also on Apple devices!).

eCommerce, Webshop and YourAPP News

Current versions and functions of the eSolutions...

The eSolutions shops and apps are not updated for all customers on a cut-off date. Rather, it is a continuous development process of a single programme version in which, depending on the requirements for one customer group, certain areas have already been completed, while developments are still pending for another customer group with different requirements. A new version is developed approximately every week and all shops are updated in a cycle of several weeks.

If a date is entered under Available from..., then all customers have this shop version on this date and usually also this SOT version.

If Available as of... is entered for a version, this version is still being tested, which is why no installation date can be given at this point. The details of such a version give a preview of the functions that will soon be available.

versions always contain all the functional enhancements of the previous versions, e.g. version 1.2.1129 also contains the functional enhancements of the previous versions 1.2.1116, 1.2.1114 etc.

The delivery of the programme versions for YourAPP then takes place rather successively, so that different version statuses are in use at the same time. The apps in the YourAPP project are updated after consultation with the brand owner.

version Available from




eCommerce and Portal Function or Comment
1.7.0412 ... X X   After adding an item to the shopping basket, the user is asked whether they want to continue ordering or go to the shopping basket.
    X X   Visual improvement of the "snack bar" in relation to the feedback of actions, e.g. saving user data.
    X X   The data of a location is now displayed in the payment process, even if no imprint has been maintained.
    X X   For group orders, each member of an order group could determine the menu sequence of all group members.
    X X   New TWINT payment method implemented for webshops in Switzerland. (The Swiss PostFinance Card can also be accepted via TWINT)
    X X   The components of a forced query are now always displayed in full and do not have to be expanded if there are more than 6 options.
    X     Item availability by quantity was not taken into account for coupon items.
        X With more than 6 recipes within a recipe chain, display problems could occur.
        X The button for marking the product information now uses the accent colour.
1.7.0323 08.04.2024 X X   Implementation of a new drop-in version of Adyen to continue to ensure the security of eCommerce payments and to be able to add further payment options.
    X     Coupons were incorrectly faded out 24 hours before the respective coupon expired.
    X X X Display of the item status "Pre-packed".
    X X X

Display of the English translation of the eCommerce information (e.g. the list of ingredients).


If the language was changed to EN, the cookie information of "Wallee" was incorrectly displayed, although it was not used. (This was merely a display problem).

1.6.0327 28.03.2024 X X   The dialogue for querying the DigiPager / ePing is now displayed in full screen.
    X X  

The order confirmation for in-house orders with mandatory payment now uses the optional texts from the portal.

1.6.0326 27.03.2024   X  

Product recommendations have been greatly enlarged in the desktop view.

    X X   The eCommerce information "Distributor" has been renamed "Responsible company".
    X X   The eCommerce information "Ingredients" has been renamed "List of ingredients".
    X X   The "Labelling" section in the item details has been renamed "Product information".
    X X  

The item details can now be called up again in the shopping basket using an i button.

    X X   Items without queries can no longer be added directly to the shopping basket via the "+" button, as this does not fulfil the obligation to provide information.
    X X   Once an item has been placed in the shopping basket, there is now no automatic navigation back to the product group overview.


26.03.2024 X X   Optimised display of the minimum order value in the shopping cart and display of the subtotal.
    X     The scanning of coupon codes now takes place within a separate dialogue in order to optimise operation on some end devices.
      X   The payment buttons looked like "disabled" in some designs, the display is now like an activated button.
        X The button on the cookie banner for functional cookies only now reads "Close" instead of "Accept".
    X   X

All customers will now see a note in the legal notice stating that Hypersoft is not responsible for the content of the order page.

    X   X Correction of display errors when filtering locations, displaying tabs and changing the number of an item.

Archive of older versions...

mPOS, mPOS Client-Server and PayPOS versions and distribution

The mobile POS system from Hypersoft is at home on a wide variety of end devices, from professional hardware to private Apple mobile phones, from Windows to Android, and you can even use the useful functions efficiently on payment terminals from Adyen and PayTec. Here you will find an overview of the new versions that may not be distributed via Hypersoft and therefore not at the same time:

  mPOS mPOS mPOS client mPOS client mPOS client mPOS client mPOS client mPOS client
Variant: Handheld Tablet Rocket (2) (Project Zebra)

Freestyle iOS

& permanent installation*

Freestyle Android

& permanent installation

PayPOS for Adyen PayPOS for PayTec





Apple Store

Google Play Store

Adyen portal PayTec
mPOS Hotfix 10











mPOS Client Bluetooth pairing error without error message fixed / /







Hotfix 8





/ / / / / /

( ) = planned

/ = No update, previous version also valid here.

... = Contents result from updating

- = No information.

*Permanent installation = With the Freestyle apps for Android and Apple iOS, you also have the option of installing an mPOS client on a device and setting it up permanently as an mPOS client, as we do with the Rocket (2), for example. Further documentation: Call up and activate the app for freestyle and permanent installation

dd.mm.2024 = Release date is not yet fixed.

VD = version date. The mPOS versions on the mPOS handheld and tablet remain the same even with many changes. The reason for this is that version changes for Microsoft Mobile Devices for handhelds require a time-consuming installation process, which we largely spare everyone. By changing the date, you receive the updates unnoticed, so to speak. The date is therefore part of the version here.

In all variants, the mPOS version numbers are displayed when you start your mPOS programme.

Hypersoft // System News

This area displays all changes due to updates and upgrades in the following categories. By default, delivery takes place within approx. 20 days via the clientele, so it can take a correspondingly large number of days before you receive an update. If you are urgently waiting for a new feature, you can schedule an update after consultation with our support.

Change management (changes)

Hotfix 11 from 10/04/2024

  • Item master for eCommerce: The eCommerce section in the item master has been revised and we recommend that you make sure you are aware of the legal requirements (see alsoData basis for catering webshops ) and fulfil all requirements, as there are an increasing number of "warning associations" that check this. Distributor has been renamed to Responsible company and four new fields have been added for recording. The word and input area Ingredients has been changed to List of ingredients.

Archive Change Management...


Service and Benefits (New)

Portal update from 17/04/2024

  • Webshop: The TWINT payment method (for Switzerland) has been added to the payment settings.

Hotfix 11 from 10/04/2024

  • Voucher management: The print lists area has been expanded and now has the options only vouchers in circulation, only expired/blocked vouchers and all vouchers with residual value. It is therefore also possible to create a list of expired/blocked vouchers.

  • VAT distribution out-of-home: From now on, a combined VAT distribution for out-of-home transactions can be carried out with the merchandise category distribution.

  • Report Manager:

Portal update on 26/03/2024

  • Portal: The portal now offers an AI chatbot for support with questions.

  • Webshop:

    • For in-house orders with activated group order function, a PayNow zone can now be set up and areas with and without payment obligation can be used in parallel. This extension is not only a new function of in-house ordering, but also opens up the use of self-ordering to almost all restaurants.

    • The translations of the eCommerce information and the item status "Pre-packed" are now also transferred to the portal or the webshop & SOT.

Archive Services and Benefits...


Administrators and installers (technical information)

The parallel operation of ZVT and Adyen (only possible as an exception anyway) excludes the simultaneous use of mPOS Client-Server at the location.

Hotfix 11 from 10/04/2024

  • Copy client: When copying a client in a central system, settings for the report manager will also be copied in future.
  • Task Planner: In future, profit centres that only contain virtual stations or subsystems can also be selected in the cash closing area.

  • Software distribution:

    • Newtonsoft.Json.dll version for .NET FW 3.5 distributed.

    • Procedure for copying hotfixes, update of secondary cash registers revised / secured.

Archive Administrators and Installers...


Quality management (improvements)

Portal update from 17/04/2024

  • NoCOO:

    • The "c/o" field has been added to the billing address input by a user.

    • Sorting the invoice list by payment type ran into an error.

  • Webshop:

    • The list of locations for entering individual texts for in-house order confirmations could not be scrolled.

    • The entry of the "external link" for orders for delivery could no longer be saved since one of the last portal updates.

Hotfix 11 from 10/04/2024

  • Item images: Item images in stock part lists have been further stabilised. However, it is not yet clear whether all exceptions have really been handled so that images (in recipes) are always displayed.

  • Item master for eCommerce: A character was lost in the eCommerce fields if it was edited several times and the respective text length is over 255 characters. Furthermore, spaces were lost if they were exactly at the 255 position in the text.

  • Item availability: The availability of items for the SOT transmits the latest status even if availability has been switched off in the item master.

  • DATEV integration: With the option that the voucher numbers should be transferred to DATEV during payment, only the first voucher was transferred in the case of a multiple payment with more than one voucher.

  • Hypersoft POS:
    • The bonus information was lost during a quick service process that was sent to a payment terminal in the background and the payment was cancelled there.
    • If a discount was assigned to a transaction card, this card was not removed from the "whitelist" after use if the "Reset whitelist on daily closing" switch was activated.

    • If a large number of bonuses and/or benefits were set, secondary cash registers (without their own Internet access in the station settings) crashed.

    • The use of the return function in combination with an interim payment is prevented.

    • If the operator was automatically logged out, the name remained in the dialogue.

  • Ingredients: The maximum number of characters in the ingredients has been increased to 2000 characters.

  • Customer history: Tip Subsequent was not used for totalling in the transaction view.
  • MCP login: Switching the MCP login to HTTPS.

  • Employee master data: When deleting employees, display errors could occur in the list.

  • Online Order Connector: Additional warning message with adjustable timer in the event of internet failure at the location.

  • Order centre:

    • When ordering directly for a point of sale, it could happen that the order centre wanted to send an e-mail in addition to the printout, which triggered an error.

    • Some settings in the touch mode settings dialogue were difficult to read.

    • The time required to remove a booking in the Order Centre Touch by holding down the button has been increased from 0.5 to 1.5 seconds.

    • When receiving goods, pressing the space bar on the touch keyboard could call up the supplier search if the supplier field was still selected.

    • If the checkbox Always adjust purchase price of order variant when price changes is set in the settings, this was not queried in the invoice verification. The purchase prices of the order variants are now also set by Invoice Verification.

  • Production monitor: The watch list displayed the ingredients with quantity "0.0" when decimal values were entered (decimal places).

  • Report Manager:

    • The transfer operator report had a grouping error.

    • Tipping, in the case of mixed transactions from sales subject to VAT and third-party sales, could lead to a difference in the DATEV export.

  • Statistics journal export: The export with enclosure option triggered an error since the last change to the programme.

  • Goods receipt in touch mode: If an item has several order variants with different suppliers, the supplier selected as the supplier in the goods receipt is verified when the barcode is scanned. A search comparison takes place between the scanned item and the search filter.

  • Time recording: After a change in the time recording data, a new time could not be recorded immediately, but the employee had to be selected again first.

Archive Quality Management...


Further documentation: 2024 News Archive