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The Hypersoft POS system was developed with the premise of supporting as many work steps as possible at the point of sale as possible and thus capturing all information that may be relevant for the sales process in the normal workflow. This enables far more accurate and comprehensive evaluations, improves controlling and even saves time and money through the efficient use of the POS terminal.

Gastronomy concepts are designed for people and the familiar and soothing environment should give the guest a special experience. Especially bright and luminous program dialogs have no place here and often disturb the corporate design of your company. Hypersoft sees itself as a tool for gastronomy professionals and acts as a powerful partner for hundreds of thousands of gastronomy users directly in the action and directly at the customer. Discreet - but certainly not unnoticed.

With the Hypersoft POS Designer you can customize the layout individually: Hypersoft ePOS Designer

References to directories of functions

We have already summarised the basic functions in tabular form for part of the range of services:

Operator authorizations Operator authorisations Functions
Event manager Tabular function view of the eventmanager
Functional Design Hypersoft POS Functional Design
Master operation overview Master operation overview
order receipts Order voucher functions
Team & Banquet Team function and banquet function
Table overview graphic Graphic table overview Functions

To the overview of all function tables:

Directory: Function Tables

Hypersoft POS System Functions

To list the advantages and functions of the Hypersoft POS system and its connections here as with our other programmes would go beyond the scope of the format. Therefore, we only mention a few things that have been developed for specific areas, but are also useful in the others:

Quick Service Full Service hotel eCommerce Fine-Dining banquet
Digital invoices Graphic table overview Connection of all common hotel programmes Online order at the POS TAG and feature management Team function and banquet function
Pager and Service-Call Kitchen Monitor System Hotel digitalisation thanks to YourAPP Delivery Service Channel Manager Deliverect Advanced order receipt control accounting

Version comparison and functions

Most functions are supported by all Hypersoft POS versions, but there are also variations so that special functions are available for some of the POS versions. You can find an overview of this situation under: Version comparison and functions

Best Practice Hypersoft POS and mPOS

Best practice Type Best Practice Theme
item master Best Practice Use layout templates for articles
automation Best practice key removal closes process
automation Automate best practice day-end closing
External image Best Practice external presentation of documents
Cashless Payments Best practice for payment corrections with integrated payment terminals
Cashless Payments Best practice for payment terminals emergency operation
Cashless Payments Best Practice SB Enabling Online Payments
Revenues and quality Use best practice purchase prices
Guest satisfaction and workflow Best practice messages to operators
Guest satisfaction and workflow Best Practice Only prohibit closure
Guest satisfaction and workflow Best Practice Orderbon Pictures say more than 1000 Wait
Control/Fraud Best practice with keys and secure secret numbers
Control/Fraud Best Practice Working as an Operator
Control/Fraud Best practice real-time control of operators
Control/Fraud Best practice against fraud with fax functions
Control/Fraud Best practice with cash drawers
Control/Fraud Best practice for redemptions
Control/Fraud Best Practice through Cancellation Loss and Informative Cancellation
Control/Fraud Book Best Practice Tips
Control/Fraud Best Practice Protection against "false invitations
Control/Fraud Best practice single-variety denomination recording with Wallet Control
Operations Best practice Number of Customers
Operations Best practice with change
Operations Best practice in selling valuable wines
Operations Best Practice double receipt only on demand
Operations Best practice for multi-lot orders (without Kitchen Monitor)
Operations Best practice by using the splitting aid
Speed Best Practice Quick Service / Retail in the background

Hypersoft POS Full Service & Quick Service


Upsellings Best practice operator turnover per customer
Upsellings Best Practice Evaluate commodity group index for additional sales

Hypersoft POS Quick Service & Delivery


Employee motivation and customer loyalty Best Practice Direct Tipping in the Quick Service
Quality management and external presentation Best practice for labelling in pick up and deliveries

Administrators and Installers

If you want to start over with the installation of Hypersoft, begin in the System landscape and installation section and return here at this point to set up the POS system.

For the Hypersoft POS licence conditions, read Hypersoft POS system licences.

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